Deb's Bio

As the wife of Alice’s eldest son, Deb was absolutely smitten with Macraband watchbands the first time she saw them at a craft show in NYC’s Lincoln Center.

As a long time, avid knitter Deb has always been drawn to the fiber arts: the colors, the textures, the endless possibilities. In fact, she rarely leaves home without a knitting project in tow.

Deb graduated from Queens College, CUNY with degrees in Communications and Film Studies. Having an equally analytical and creative mind, she has worked in both the arts and corporate America.

Concentrating her career on Systems Analysis across several industries – entertainment, finance, healthcare, telecommunications – Deb has often utilized her strong visual sense to help direct her work. Having been intimately involved with the design of many online e-commerce sites and in-store kiosks, she immediately saw an opportunity to bring Macraband to a world-wide audience. She approached Alice with the idea of creating a website and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the past several years, through Alice’s tutelage, Deb has become a master macramé artisan and enjoys making Macraband watchbands. She has definitely been bitten by the macramé bug! She has a great eye for design (and endless ideas too) so keep a lookout for some exciting new styles and collections in the future!  She is absolutely thrilled and honored to have been given the opportunity to continue Alice’s legacy online.

When she’s not tying knots in string, Deb has a passion for cooking and loves to create tasty dishes for her husband and extended family. You never know what might be on the menu! She is very active on social media, managing not only her personal accounts but those for Macraband as well. And, in her down time (what's that?) she enjoys snuggling on the couch with her husband Ric, their two basset hounds, Irene and Kyra and their ever elusive cat Splinter.