This Week’s Macraband of the Week is a Hot One!

August 07, 2018

Style 104AA has always been one of our best sellers.  It’s neutral but colorful enough to be anything but boring.

The colors in both the narrow and wide are exactly the same (tan, dark red and navy blue) but on the wide, tan is the predominant color and on the narrow, it and navy blue are about equally weighted.

The beads we use are gold-filled and wood, which provide just the right balance between shiny and earthy. As a matter of fact, I wore this band in a narrow over the weekend! Yes, that’s me…though you can’t really tell. I promise that’s my arm.

Check out the Macraband of the Week page to get a full view of the 104AA. You can purchase this band alone, to fit a watch you already own or with one of the watches we sell on this site. Either way, this band is a great look!

Now through August 12th, it is 25% off, just use Discount Code: 104AA-0Y9-5S5-9A3 at checkout.

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