Using Watches with Metal Bands

Not all watches with metal bands can accommodate a Macraband.  This page provides examples of metal band styles that work with a Macraband as well as those that do not.

If you are not sure that your watch will work with a Macraband, please email a clear photograph of the front AND back of your watch to and we'll be happy to help.

Examples of Watches that Work with a Macraband

These watches use spring bars to attach their bands in the same manner as leather bands. In addition, their watch width provides the necessary opening to accommodate a Macraband.


Examples of Watches that Do Not Work with a Macraband

Unfortunately, the watches shown below do not provide the necessary opening for a Macraband, nor do they use spring bars.   As a result, it is not possible to attach a Macraband to these types of watches.