Tying Knots and Making Loops

August 30, 2018

So one of the things you may not know about me is I’m an avid knitter.  If I’m not tying knots in macramé cord I’m making loops in yarn.

Knitting while wearing Macraband Style 131BI’ve been knitting for over 12 years now and I started on a whim. I don’t quite remember the context of the conversation but one day my wonderful, loving, creative husband suggested I learn.

As I do anytime I want to learn something new, I purchased a gaggle of books, combed the internet for video tutorials and methodically analyzed the process.  Now, there are all different ways to hold your yarn but it seemed that most books show one particular way. So onward I went.

Cue my husband’s grandmother (who lived to be 100 years old, btw). She saw the way I was holding the yarn and suggested an alternative.  It was a watershed moment, I never looked back.

How I came to macramé is, of course, through my Mother-in-Law.  I’ve talked about this in my bio, which you can read here. I was immediately smitten with this ancient craft and find it thoroughly enjoyable.  Very much like knitting, it is a Zen-like activity.

During those moments when I'm not knotting up your Macraband watchbands, I'm knitting something or other for my grandkids or on this rare occasion, something for myself.  Here I just started the second panel of a poncho. Kinda hard to tell at this stage I know, LOL.

 I guess you could say it was destiny.

Oh, by the way, that awesome boho inspired Macraband I'm wearing is style 131B.  Love it! It's the Macraband of the Week from 8/27 - 9/2/2018. Check it out!