How to Measure My Wrist (Popup)


Measuring your wrist is quick and easy. All you need is a soft, pliable tape measure (not metal), or print the Wrist Sizing Guide at the bottom of this page.

Simply wrap it around your wrist in the same place you wear your watch. Be sure to make it as tight or as loose as you wear your watch. Where the end of the tape measure aligns with one of the tick marks is your wrist size.

IMPORTANT: You should not measure the length of an existing watchband to determine your wrist size. Watchbands are always made larger than your wrist size to allow the end of the band to tuck under the keeper. 

Don’t have a tape measure? No worries! We’ve created a printable Wrist Sizing Guide with instructions and a tape measure you can cut out and use to get your wrist size. Bet you didn’t know this would be a crafting tutorial!


Macraband Wrist Measurement Guide Printable PDF
Download our Wrist Sizing Guide.

Note: If your wrist size is below 5" or above 8" then please contact us for a special order.